12 Jan 2016

Scarborough Fair – arr. Bill Reichenbach

Over the Christmas break, I had the pleasure to get together with my friend and former teacher Jay Wise, his brother John, and Omaha Symphony trombonist Jason Stromquist to enjoy a little bourbon and play some trombone quartets (nobody would actually HIRE a trombone quartet, so we figured we’d just do it on our own…and the bourbon was a good excuse!)

Of the many great arrangements we played, this one (audio below) of Scarborough Fair was one of my favorites.  It caught my eye right away when I saw “arranged by Bill Reichenbach”.  Now, most people don’t know ANY of the backing musicians on band or movie recordings, let alone the bass trombonist, so I’m one of few who would get excited about something like this.  But, if you happen to look at CD liners from just about anything with horn section over the last 30 years his name is likely on it!

With my “day gig” as an audio engineer and co-owner of Mixing Room Studios I keep the chops up by practicing in my down time.  On this day a couple weeks ago, I decided I’d record the arrangement with me playing all 4 parts by overdubbing .  It’s pretty fun to play with…er, record with yourself!  Try it sometime if you get the chance!

I hope you enjoy this short little arrangement as much as I did.  Thanks for this, Bill!